AlgomartNFT Marketplace

A white-label, open source NFT marketplace built on the eco-friendly Algorand blockchain. If you need to own your code, start here.

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Open source, white label: yours to own.

Algomart is a fully-baked solution that allows you to have a completely functional NFT marketplace as your jumping off point. Get your MVP launched today, and iterate as you experiment with NFTs and the value it can bring your customers.

You can try out the demo here.

Launch your project in weeks, not months. Our team of senior engineers and designers built Algomart so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Instead you can focus on the NFT strategy that your community wants.

Tech Stack

Production-grade: Not Just a "Hello World"

Algomart is a complete solution out-of-the-box, using cutting edge technologies for the typical cloud environments we see today.


Github Actions are used alongside Docker and Terraform to deploy the monorepo to multiple environments for development, staging and production.

NextJS (React)

NextJS is a framework built on top of React that brings best-in-class tooling to developers that want to deploy full-scale apps built on top of React. NextJS is quickly becoming a dominant standard in the industry.

Credit Card Payments

Allow customers to pay for NFTs without requiring a crypto wallet. Algomart takes care of the complexities of accepting off-chain payments, and creating on-chain NFTs.

Cloud-friendly with Docker and Terraform

By default, Algomart works with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but can easily be deployed to other cloud providers thanks to the provided infrastructure-as-code templates.

Custodial Wallets

Algomart creates a wallet on behalf of the user and secures it with a PIN, just like Coinbase and other custodial exchanges. This removes the need for a customer to create their own crypto wallet until they are ready.

Lazy Minting

NFTs are minted "just in time" to avoid unnecessary transactions and related costs. The assets are instead minted after purchase when a customer can claim their NFTs.

Pay with credit and debit cards

Blending web2 and web3 technologies can be complex. Algomart handles this for you, giving you simple user registration, and the ability to pay with a credit card.

Video series

Learn the Basics

We've made a few short videos to help explain some of Algomart's key concepts, as well as related terminology and technology.

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